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 Breaking Down the Quarterback Rating

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PostSubject: Breaking Down the Quarterback Rating   Tue Jul 29, 2008 3:54 pm

Breaking Down the Quarterback Rating

NFL Quarterback Rating Explained
The NFL rates quarterbacks on a standardized scale, it has been doing so since 1960. The current method was adopted by the NFL in 1973.

The formula takes four categories into consideration, these categories include the percentage of completions, the average of yards gained, percentage of touchdown passes per attempt, and percentage of interceptions per attempt.

The NFL uses a very straight forward method, 0.00 is the minimum point value for each category while 2.375 is the maximum point value that is granted for each category.

The NFL.com example is Steve Young's record breaking season in which he threw 461 passes, completing 324 of them for 3,969 yards, 35 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions. The resulting score 112.8. The Following calculations were completed in order to render the score:

Pass Completions
324/461 is 70.28% subtract 30 from the completion percentage and multiply by 0.05 resulting in 2.014.

Average Yards Gained Per Attempt
3,969/461 is 8.61yards, subtract 3 yards and multiply by 0.25 resulting in 1.403 .

Percentage of Touchdown Passes
35 touchdowns in 461 attempts is 7.59% multiply that by 0.2 resulting in 1.518.

Percentage of Interceptions
10/461 is 2.17% multiply that by 0.25 and subtract the resulting value from 2.375 (the maximum value) resulting in 1.833

Once you have all the previous calculations you can then find the sum (6.768) and divide that by six (1.128) and multiply that by 100 resulting in 112.8.

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Breaking Down the Quarterback Rating
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